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All conditions – pool and natural water conditions

Anchors should be located on center directly below raft outside edge.  Attaching rope should be “three-strand nylon”. In weighted anchor situations, weight should be approximately 250 lbs (114 kg) per side.  


All attaching hardware (clips, shackles, clamps, hooks) should be marine grade stainless steel

In pools

Rubber coated weights may be 
used. Weight should be a minimum
of 250lbs (114kg) per Log end.
Log end attaches 

to raft or pool edge with flange and bolt.

In lakes

Log end attaches to dock with flange and bolt.

The Log should not be installed in areas subject to rough waters.  When Log is installed in, pond, river or lake, special precautions should be taken regarding any potential hazards above and below water.   Recommended anchor weight 250 lbs (114kg)  

Anchor specifications

Installation Basics

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When anchoring using connection points in pool structure, all hardware should be concealed, flush and free of sharp points.  Refer to pool guidelines for all connections.

Weights, anchors and attachment line NOT included